12:30- Lunch on arrival

13:45 – Welcome from conference organisers


14:00 – The Problem of the Human

  • Roger Smith (Lancaster/Moscow)

“Resisting Neurosciences and Sustaining History”

  • Steve Fuller (Warwick)

“Kuhn’s Curse and the Crisis of the Human”

  • Jonna Brenninmeijer (Groningen)

“The Problem of the Human: How Developments in the Neurosciences are Challenging Conventional Ideas of the Human – the Case of Neuromarketing”


15:45 – Coffee


16:00 – The Problem of the Social

  • Des Fitzgerald (Cardiff)

“The commotion of the social”

  • Maurizio Meloni (IAS Princeton/Sheffield)

“The Social as the Non-Biological: Genealogy and Perspectives”

  • Marianne Sommer (Luzern)

“Synthesis at What Price? Interpretations of the Relationship Between the Sciences and the Humanities and Among Their Subjects of the Natural, the Social, the Cultural, and the Historical in Evolutionary Biology”


17:45 – Close

19:15 – Wine reception to mark James Good’s editorship, followed by conference dinner. Cafe 68, Gillygate.



9:15 – The Problem of the Archive.

  • Michael A. Finn (Leeds)

“Possibilities and Problems with the Growing Archive”

  • Jessica Hendy (York)

“Molecular Archives of Human History: Moving Beyond Text-Based Sources”

  • Elizabeth Toon (CHSTM, Manchester)

Matching the tools to the job, and not the other way round: Digital humanities and the history of the human sciences”


11:00 – Coffee


11:15 – Practice and the Human Sciences

  • Peter Mandler (Cambridge)

“The Language of Social Science in Everyday Life: What it Does, How it Circulates, How to Track it”

  • Alexandra Bacopoulos Viau (McGill)

“Post-Script: Writing and Technologies of Selfhood”

  • Amanda Rees (York)

“Biocultural Evolution Then and Now: The Brain in Environmental Context OR Counterfactualising the History of Biology and Sociology”


13:00 – Working Lunch and Roundtable on the Future of the History of the Human Sciences

  • James Good (Durham)
  • Felicity Callard (Durham, Hubbub)
  • Chris Millard (Queen Mary)
  • Rhodri Hayward (Queen Mary)
  • Others tbc.


14:30 – Close