About The Future of the History of the Human Sciences

The meeting will take place on 7–8 April 2016 at the University of York, and will be hosted jointly by Dr Chris Renwick and History of the Human Sciences. Delegates from the United States, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, and United Kingdom will address four different themes in a series of interlinked workshops before concluding with a roundtable discussion on the future direction of the history of the human sciences:

  1. The Problem of the Archive: The impact of digital media, as well as biological and psychological data upon ideas of the archive and its relationship to human nature.
  2. The Problem of the Human: How developments in the neurosciences and psychopharmacology are challenging conventional ideas of the human, the relationship between the historical and the biological, and understandings of health and psychopathology.
  3. The Problem of the Social: How research in the life sciences (for example: ethology, epigenetics) is transforming anthropocentric understandings of society and history, health and disease, as well as relationships between the categories of the ‘social’, ‘cultural’ and ‘biological’.
  4. Practice and the Human Sciences: The turn to ‘practice’ pioneered in science studies and actornetwork theory has been transforming current conceptions of the human sciences. How has practice been conceptualized and practised across other domains (including medical humanities) that bear on the history of the human sciences? What moreover, comes ‘after’ the practice turn?


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